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Meet the team at Skylark Virtual Services

Digital Marketing Services for Bloggers and Online Businesses

At Skylark Virtual Services, we are dedicated to providing quality content creation solutions for bloggers and online businesses. Our experienced team of writers and editors can craft compelling and engaging content tailored to your specific needs. We specialize in creating informative blog posts, reviews, engaging list articles, and more to help you build an engaged online audience.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

At Skylark Virtual Services, we provide comprehensive social media marketing solutions for bloggers and online businesses. We can develop strategies to help you reach more people and build a larger online following. Our team is experienced in social media marketing and can create effective campaigns to help you get the most out of your social media presence.

Content Creation Solutions
Social Media Marketing
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Meet the team

Angela Tempest

Content Marketer & SEO Strategist

Angela is a content creator with 9+ years experience creating for clients as well as having her own blogs

Nikki Wilson

Social Media Manager

Lyn handles social media marketing with a special love for Instagram and creating unique graphics

Callum Piggott

WordPress Developer​

Callum handles WordPress for the team including setting up and changing themes while studying Computer Science at college

Sarah Waters

Virtual Assistant

Sarah covers a range of VA skills including Pinterest scheduling, WordPress tasks and content research

Stephen Piggott

Content Creator

Stephen is the other half of the content creation side of the business alongside studying Media at college

Marie Jones

Graphic Design

Marie handles the various graphic design needs of the team including making social media graphics