10 Small Business Ideas for Women to Make Money

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There are two general reasons you start looking at business ideas for women to make money.  The first is that you have an idea and you want to see if you can really make a business out of it. 

The other is that you want to have a business and make a change to your life, but you aren’t sure what to do.  Either way, there are plenty of ideas and opportunities you can grab – I’m proof of that!

But that doesn’t say any idea will make a business.  There’s definitely some planning, some preparation and research involved.  You need to know you have the right business idea before you start putting your heart and soul into it. 

Let’s take a look at how you do this and what kind of business ideas might be just what you need.

How to find the right business

Whether you have an idea for a business or simply the drive to have a business, you need to ask a few important questions before you start.  This leads into heavy-sounding stuff like a business plan and goals but there’s good reason for that.  You want to make sure there are people out there looking to buy what you sell, looking to pay for the services you want to offer.

1.      What do you want or need from the business?

This one might seem an obvious one – for most of us the thing we want or need from the business is a source of income.  But even that has questions within it. 

For example, do you want to replace your current full-time income of £X or $X and leave your current job?  Do you want the business to be a secondary business earning a certain amount but with time restrictions? 

Are you planning to run it around looking after the kids or a family member?  The answer to these questions helps frame what kind of business you want and how much commitment you can give to it.

2.      What do you like to do?

This is slightly a trick question because what you like to do isn’t always something that equates into a business.  I like to breed finches and there is a potential to make some money at this but there’s virtually no guarantee of it and too many factors to make it more than a self-supporting hobby some day. 

On the other hand, I love to research and write and those are skills I can turn into a  business (and did!)

3.      What are you good at?

Again, take this one in the context of something you could use as a business idea.  Of course, if you are good at learning something new, adapting quickly and building on that knowledge, that’s a skill you can apply to almost any business idea.

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4.      Can you learn to do this thing?

If you have some formal qualification at a thing and have been doing it all the time, then you probably don’t have to do lots of learning to create a business in this area.  But you will likely need to learn the business of having a business. 

And if you want to try something you aren’t already doing, can you learn what you need to create your business?

5.      Is there a demand for it?

The last one is the most important one – is there a demand for it?  Will people pay for it because if not, you are on a steep incline towards making a profit.  It is a lot harder to create interest and demand as well as a business than it is to tap into an existing market or demand and make something new for it.

Want to get ahead with planning your new business idea?

Grab my small business planner and get everything organized for your new business so you can hit the ground running!

Business ideas for women

One of the best ways to find an idea for a business is to look at what other people do and find something you could do as well.  Because for the jobs listed below, there are lots of people doing them but also plenty of room for others, especially if you start to specialise in a particular area of the general category. 

Let me give you some examples from myself and my own business friend network.

Freelance content writer

This is where I started out.  Back in 2014, I was doing a job I hated, that had left me with depression.  I needed to make a change, to do something different but I had no idea what.  Then I came across a website called People Per Hour where people were paid to write about things.  I applied for and won a job to write an app review and was paid £6.  I was amazed – I could make a living out of writing about stuff!

Fast forward to today and content writing is still a big part of my business.  I’ve written about all kinds of things and now specialise in blog posts to help businesses drive traffic to their website, often alongside a Pinterest strategy.  I know freelance writers who specialise in medical fields, teaching others to write, creating email sequences and much more.  There’s room for all!

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a like a personal assistant only rather than being in your office, they work over the internet. 

VAs can offer general services or specialise a little in different areas and can also offer other services such as content writing or social media marketing.  This means that if you have an experience as a PA, receptionist or even general office work, you have a solid foundation for working as a VA.  And if not, you can always learn!

Social media specialist

Social media is a huge part of marketing almost any business and this has led to a number of different social media specialists (including me!).  You can get people who offer:

Social media specialists may do the day to day running of your social media account, they may create content or even create a strategy for you (or them) to implement.  And there may be standalone services to help with problems, such as I offer an account set up for Pinterest or a board optimisation service.

Monetise a blog

Blogging remains huge and is obviously close to my heart.  I have eight (yes, I said 8 but most are just very new) blogs myself including this one in different niches. 

Blogs themselves don’t exactly make money but they can be at the heart of your business and you can monetise them in different ways.  I wrote a whole article on how to make money blogging but there are a few main ways to do this:

You can also offer your services through the site and attract customers to it who are then shown your services after reading blog content or offered a freebie to join your mailing list.

As your blog grows, you can also look at things like sponsored posts. You can use platforms such as Get Blogged for this – and it is also a great place to later find people to work with your brand as well.

Website design

If you come from a design background and can learn the basics of coding, then website design is something you could definitely offer.  This is another varying area with some people simply making themes for WordPress websites while others offer a complete service where they make customer’s websites, add the content to them and then hand them over.

Graphic design services

Marketing your business, especially online, means you need graphics and images.  That’s why being a graphic designer is an excellent outlet for your creative abilities.  And even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, you can learn from others.

You can do custom designs as well as specialising in designs for certain tools such as Canva like my friend Kate at Kate Danielle does.  Kate also offers templates for social media sites like Pinterest and also custom design services.  Another graphic design friend Cecille at The Blog Creative offered Pinterest templates for people to customise themselves as well as bespoke services.


Proofreading is not my strongest area because I often remember what I wrote!  That’s why knowing a proofreader is a very important step.  If you have a methodical approach, an eye for detail and know your grammar, then working as a freelance proofreader could be the perfect type of home-based business.

Coaching and mentorship

A final idea for a services type business is to consider offering coaching or mentorship for others.  This doesn’t just have to be something like how to start a business.  It can be on any skill or ability you have. 

My friend Robyn is a professional photographer but she also teaches others how to take better photos, how to use their smartphones to take pictures and how to take pictures for their blog or business.

Product based ideas

While services and digital products are brilliant business ideas for women, there’s nothing to say you can’t get into selling products either.  And the internet means there are lots of different options for doing this.

Selling on Etsy

Selling products through Etsy is one idea I know about as I’ve done it for years.  My business, Crystal & Yarn, sells handmade jewellery that myself and my mum make.  We also sell handmade cards through eBay

You can sell a wide range of handmade products through these sites as well as supplies to make these things.  So if you have the space for physical products at your home, this might be the perfect small business idea.


Dropshipping or print on demand is a way to have a product business but not have a load of stock around your home.  The idea is you find high demand business ideas and create products to fulfil them then work with experts to fulfil the orders. 

Mugs, digital art, printed t-shirts, these are a few of the kind of products you can sell then pair with companies to provide.

Business ideas for women

These are just a few of the business ideas for women that I’ve seen in action since I started my own business.  There are also many more. 

The key is always finding something you enjoy, or you want to learn, something that there is a market for and you can provide and learning the basics of how to start a business.  This means marketing, accounting, regulations like tax and also how you are going to provide your service or product.  Then you can move from small business ideas to small business owner!

Do you have your own business?  What do you do and how did you start doing it?  Tell us in the comments below to inspire others!

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