How to Upload Video to Pinterest for Digital Marketing

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If you’re looking for an effective way to market your business online, you should be using Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual social media platform that is perfect for promoting digital content like videos. In this blog post, we will show you how to upload video to Pinterest so that you can start seeing results for your business!

Why add videos to Pinterest?

Pinterest is home to static images for most people so why would you want to add video content to the platform? There are some solid reasons to consider it.

Videos provide more information

If we limit our attention to Pinterest’s content (before clicking to an article, landing page, etc.), a video pin may provide considerably more information and value upfront.

Videos can have a much greater CTR

With greater value given at time of posting, your Pinterest followers will be far more likely to click through to your articles than they would for regular pins.

Grow your YouTube following

Trailer clips are a great way to get your Pinterest viewers over to YouTube. By creating shorter trailers, you can entice your followers (and even non-followers) to watch the full video on your channel.

Videos appear on top of mobile search results

The most compelling reason for including video to your Pinterest content plan. When using a mobile device, videos rank highly in search results and have over 80 percent of the audience on mobile, which is a significant advantage.

Videos are a searchable category

Users can now search for video pins in specific. Pinners may now select the video choice and only video pins will appear in the results, much like searching for a certain board or user. This also implies that if you aren’t creating videos for Pinterest, your pins won’t show up there.

Videos are still pretty new

Because this feature is still relatively new, many pinners are yet to start utilizing it. It’s very simple to rank for popular keywords because it’s so recent. This may provide a lot of traffic to your website, so you’d better take advantage of it while it’s available.

Pro tip: If you’re the main focus of your video or if your video is instructional, add subtitles in editing. Some people don’t want their audio playing out loud- myself included,- and we don’t always have earphones at hand to hear what’s being said.

What types of videos do well on Pinterest?

For your recipe, project or product, the best videos are under one minute and serve as good teasers. In our beta tests, videos shorter than 30 seconds performed the best. For most industries, we found that clicks and saves decreased with each extra second added to the video length.

Although audiograms for podcasts don’t always have the best reaction, you can still find some success by looking on the Simple Pin Podcast board.

Those with food videos, the hyper-lapse style we frequently see on Facebook that provides a look at how simple the recipe is to make or shows the user the components and how easy it is to prepare. They’ll be over at your site in a jiffy.

Videos of creative projects in progress will inspire your audience to start their own project. Think about how your video can encourage viewers to take action, like knitting a sweater, redecorating a room or styling their hair. These videos can be quick teasers that get people interested and make them click.

Make Sure Your Video Has the Right Specs

Here’s a step-by-step guide for uploading video to Pinterest as a business owner. You’ll need a Pinterest company account to use this option, so be sure you’re logged in as a normal user instead of an entrepreneur.

First, make sure the following video specs are in place:

  • File type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v
  • Max size: 2GB, or less; 30 min, or less
  • Aspect ratio: We recommend square (1:1) or vertical (2:3 or 9:16)
  • Resolution: Min 240p
  • Frame rate: No specification listed

Add Video to Pinterest

  • Step 1:To add a pin to your Pinterest board, click on the “plus” sign in the upper right corner of the screen and then select “Create Pin.”
  • Step 2: When you click the button to upload your video, a message will appear next to it that says “Click here if you want us to publish your video on our website.” This time, they have all of the necessary specifications listed right below the upload box. Upload your movie. It’s possible that uploading the video will take some time, but we’ve been seeing quicker and faster upload rates lately.
  • Step 3: Please complete the following fields with your title, description, and destination link (URL). Thank you very much!
  • Step 4: Choose a board that relates to the topic of your video. Doing this will help ensure that the keyword data attaches itself to the pin.
  • Step 5: To schedule a pin, or to have it published immediately, click the Open drop-down menu and select Publish. If you want the video to be sent to numerous boards by means of scheduling, you’ll need to open a new tab and upload it again before choosing Publish at a later date.
  • Step 6: Share the video below with your followers! Grab the pin link and share on other social media platforms or your email list to increase traffic for the pin, video, and most importantly – your website.

For video producers, this is a fantastic instrument for converting new followers into subscribers. Make a board especially for your videos. Instead of calling it your blog films, get creative with the keyword search. gluten-free recipe video examples would be an excellent option.

How to Post TikTok Videos on Pinterest

Content repurposing is a great way to get the most out of your content creation efforts. By posting your TikTok videos on Pinterest, you can reach a wider audience and maximize your exposure.

After you’ve created a TikTok account, go to your profile and tap the share icon. Download your video from your phone’s file explorer to remove the watermark from it. To remove the watermark from your film, utilize a TikTok watermark remover.

How to Post Instagram Reels on Pinterest

Instagram Reels are rapidly growing in popularity- if you’re on Instagram, you know this. Reels are short videos (usually between fifteen and thirty seconds long) that are easy and fun to make on your Instagram account. You can also post them on Pinterest for extra views!

How to Pin a Youtube Video on Pinterest

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to pin a Youtube video!

They make it quick and easy to share your favorite videos thanks to Youtube’s Share button from You can improve your Youtube channel by following these steps.

To share a YouTube video, open the video and click on the “Share” button under the title and next Dividing the article into three parts allows for a cleaner layout, and it makes it easier to see all of your options once you’ve made your decision. To divide the post up into three sections, click on “Divide.” Select “Like or Dislike” from the drop-down menu. Click “Share” after that.

The next screen has a variety of social media sharing options. You may need to click the arrow on the right side to find the Pinterest icon.

After clicking the button below, you will be redirected to your Pinterest account. Once there, log in if necessary and a new pin will appear. You can choose which board you would like to post it to or create a new one!

Your Youtube video is now pinned to your Pinterest.

How to Pin a Vimeo Video on Pinterest

In 2020, Vimeo collaborated with Pinterest to enable video pins in the first place. The ability to upload one’s own videos directly to Pinterest was made available through Vimeo Create.

Not only that, but it also provided a space for businesses to select from a variety of templates and editing options.

Tip: Keep your pins short and sweet; the average Pinterest user will lose interest after 15 seconds.

Let’s look at the Vimeo Create and Upload Your Video Pin process in detail, step by step:

  • Ensure that your social media platforms and handles are all connected to your Vimeo account.
  • When you’re done making a video in Vimeo Create, click on the Save and Share option.
  • When you open the share page, all of your linked social media accounts will be displayed. On Pinterest, select “Create a new Pin” after being redirected to the “Add New Account” page.
  • Choose the board you want to attach this to, then add any relevant information such as hashtags, descriptions, and so on.

Using video on Pinterest

You don’t need to create specific video content for Pinterest and this makes it a great place to repurpose content you’ve already made. But the platform does still love video and it can also be used for Idea Pins, another popular format. So while they might not generate a ton of clicks to your site, they do improve your account overall and increase the chance that people see other pins and take action on them.

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